Getting on/Staying On A Kinder Way to Ride Your Pony Sylvia Loch DVD

Getting on/Staying On A Kinder Way to Ride Your Pony Sylvia Loch DVD


Designed for the beginner child rider and their parents. Six year olds, Jake and Jessica learn about pony care, pony relationships, grooming, mounting, dismounting, fun exercises to improve balance and of course, HOW TO RIDE!

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Staying on is for children who can ride but want to ride with greater control and safety…remember…every pony is different! And not everyone’s lucky enough to own the perfect pony. The video shows how to accomplish all this in a way which complements the pony and the human’s natural way of going.Subjects featured include: the pony’s back and how it works, the saddle and how it should be fitted, the correct riding position for the young rider, the sensitivity of ponies and the ‘aids’ work, the safest balance for walk, trot, canter and gallop, how to stop and how to start easily, the Manege and techniques used to train rider and pony.

Sylvia Loch has been training and teaching good horsemanship both overseas and here for over 30 years. As a keen Pony Clubber, she passed on her knowledge to children who did not own ponies by opening Kaines Riding School, near Edinburgh, aged just fifteen. Her Summer camps where each child “owned” a pony for a week were always full.

Here, the emphasis was on a correct, safe seat, clear and fair aids and building up to a partnership. The ponies even wrote their own magazine. Sylvia Loch is now world famous as a classical dressage expert and author. But her ethos of harmony in horsemanship remains the same for all her pupils, both adults and children.There are 2 programs on one disc when first putting the disc in the machine select program you wish to watch on the main menu.

Approx. 1hr 45 mins. Region free DVD.


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